How to spot a roof leakby chandy mcbyrne
Mar 2016

After reading the title, you’re probably thinking, it’s not very hard to spot a roof leak. After all, water dripping inside your home isn’t very easy to miss. But just because you’ve found where the water is coming through your ceiling doesn’t mean you’ve found the source of the leak. You might think that the source of the leak must be directly above the area where water is getting in but that isn’t always the case. Water has a way of traveling between the time it gets beneath your shingles and inside your home. It doesn’t take long for a roof leak to become a serious problem. It’s important that you find the leak immediately and take care of it. Some helpful tips Here are some tips for finding and taking care of that roof leak: · First look for signs of a leak. The sooner you spot a roof leak the better. Often, you don’t become aware of a leak until water is dripping on your floor. But before it’s coming through the ceiling it’s pooling up. Look for discoloration on the ceiling or walls. Also watch for any sagging on your ceiling. · Check the attic. If you can get to your attic, head up there with a flashlight and have a good look around. If water is getting through your roof, signs of water damage will be most noticeable there. · Check out the roof. Next, with one person inside, standing by the area where there is water damage, take your hose onto your roof (if you feel comfortable doing so) and spray water at various spots until the person below observes water coming into the home. Once you’ve found the general area, you may have to remove some shingles to pinpoint the exact source of the leak. You can also call a professional to inspect the roof and find the source of the leak. · Repair the leak. Once you’ve identified the source of the problem, it’s time to fix the leak. This is a job best left to professionals. Have a qualified roofer come out as soon as possible to repair the leak. If you have mold or water damaged ceilings or walls that need to be taken care of, wait until the leak is patched to tackle these projects · Call your insurance company. If the roof leak was the result of failure to properly maintain your roof, chances are you’ll be stuck paying for any damage caused by the link. Still it doesn’t hurt to file a claim, especially if your roof was in otherwise good shape. Home improvement news brought to you by Source: Tags: roofing, roof leaks, roof damage, roofing tips, roof repair, roof maintenance, roof inspection
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