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May 2013


The question that i have is if i buy this do i still have to buy bromine and all the other water chemicals. Can i get the tie in tube for 1 1/2" pipe i have an order waiting for delivery witch is order #949. Could you see if this one would work as I'm new to this Balboa Corona Ozone thing thank you for your attention 

Dated on : 24-04-2012


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One part of your question I understand and that is the question whether, if you buy the Ozone Generator, you can eliminate the use of bromine and the other chemicals.  The answer is you can reduce the use of bromine to about 1/2 to 1/3.  You can also reduce the use of an oxidizer (such as MPS). The other products that balance your water (get alkalinity and hardness correct)r and assist infiltering , such as a floccuelent, an enzyme scum remover, etc. you still use if you used them before.  Also installing an ozonator, requires the tub to be ozonator ready.  You have to have a means to suck air through the ozonator and inject the ozone enriched air into the water.

Your 2nd question appears to have something to do with a 1-1/2" Tee?  I don't understand where you want to use the tee. A tee isn't the answer to installing an ozonator.  It is not an electrode that installs in the water flow.  See the attachment that shows, one way we hook up an ozonator.

I am technical support not sales, just incase you wanted something changed in an order, you indicate you have placed?


Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 24-04-2012


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