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Nov 2013

Message: I just recently received this Balboa Spa Pack and am wondering is this defaulted at 120V for pump one when shipped and to confirm that I move the white wire to the RED AC spot on the spa pak to change this to 230 as that is what is running to the spa pak and the pump is a 230V as well

Dated on : 10-08-2012



Replies :

VS501Z spa packs or replacement circuit boards are shipped as they come from the factory (all white wire jumpers on WHT AC). The customer or installer needs to set the white wires to the appropriate voltage that the load device plugged into its corresponding receptacle requires.  So for example if your hot tub has a 2-speed pump 1 that is 230 volts, the W1 white wire needs to be moved to any RED AC terminal.  When on RED AC output will be 230 volt, when on WHT AC it will be 120 volt. Also the DIP switches need to be set to match your situation.  If a replacement situation (i.e. you already had a VS501Z) then just set the dip switches the way they were on the old unit.  very old VS501 did have the A% dip switch acting opposite to how they act on new units.   hope this helps Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-08-2012


ok great got it working now my pump had the seal go on it so I had to shut everything down and get that replaced.  My next question is I already did the original start up with the new spa pak where it primed then checked water temperature, etc.  Because I flipped the breaker off for 2 days when i hook the pump back up does it automatically do the original start up.  My concern is that I don't want the elements to go on when no water is on them I would like it to restart like it originally did but I read that it has a memory and will just go back to the last temperature it was at.  Is there a reset button that I can hit that will just start it back to the beginning(like I turned it on for the 1st time) Post By : Jason Dated On : 10-11-2012


When you turn the power back on, the spa pack will remember the last settings (i.e., what the temperature setting was, what the filter cycle duration was set at and what mode it was set to).  This is the last adjustment you made.  If you want it back to the factory default setting, you have to do a memory reset.  Factory default is Standard mode, 2 Hr filter cycle and temperature set to 100F.   Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-12-2012


ok how do you do a memory reset?

Post By : Jason Dated On : 10-12-2012


Memory Reset using J43 Jumpers   J43 located above and to the right of the DIP switches, is left open (black jumper is on one pin only), to enable persistent memory.  Persistent memory will retain the last temperature, filter cycle and power mode settings, even after a power failure.  A persistent memory reset should be performed after any change to the dip switch settings.  To reset the memory (and settings) back to factory default, turn off power, jumper both J43 pins, turn power on until “Pr” appears, power off and reset jumper to be on one pin only.    

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-12-2012


great did it and worked quite easy.  On a side note this purchase I got last week was to come with a light which it did however it came with no cover or anything for the inside of this tub is this incorrect.  Should the whole retro fit kit "balbo vs502z have come with a cover for the inside of the tub too? Post By : Jason Dated On : 10-12-2012


The retrofit comes with the light harness only.  The actual light wall fitting you are thinking about needs to be part of your hot tub.  You then insert the light bulb holder into the existing light wall fitting.  If your tub doesn't have one and you wish to use the light, then you would 1st have to install an appropriate light wall fitting. Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-13-2012

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