Balboa Spa Control Problemsby Admin
Feb 2014

Message: I have a 14 year old spa with a Balboa control.  The control goes stupid now and again and to get it to work have to turn off the power and disconnect the battery.  Is the circuit board or the 6 button topside control?

Dated on : 01-12-2013


Replies :

If its 14 year old, the circuit board and probably the control panel won't be available and your best bet would be current Balboa Spa retrofit kit.  Which one depends on how many pumps you have. If the question is, whether in my opinion it is the circuit board or the control panel, my guess but not with much conviction is the circuit boad which contains computer chips and it sounds like what computer chips often do.  go haywire and you get them going again by unplugging the power and turning them back on. Dieter    

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 01-12-2013

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