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Oct 2012



I have a correct tech spa pack that has been nothing but problems for the last few months.  I am assuming pressure switch issues etc. - its approximately 10 years old.

I am very interested in the above spa pack.  I am wondering what key questions you need answered from me before purchasing.

ie) what type of service I have, specs on my current pump and motor (purchased 4 months ago), any specs of my current spa pack that may be of interest?

I don't have a blower, or ozonater.  I have an acrylic tub with only 6 jets.  At present the tub loses heat as soon as the cover comes off.

Any extra info is appreciated. I am looking to purchase immediately before temps drop below freezing (near Toronto, Ontario).

Thanks again for your time.



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Dear Customer,

The information we would require has to do with how many pumps you presently have.

The Balboa  VS501Z can handle (1) 2-Speed pump and (1) Single Speed Pump plus an ozonator and light ect....

The Balboa VS520Z can handle (2) 2- Speed Pumps and (1) Single Speed Pump plus an ozonator and light ect.... 

You had mentioned your tub has 6 Jets, so I would assume that the VS501Z Spa Pack is the one you will require.  It comes as a "RetroFit" kit and includes a new Digital Controller along with all the pump cables (if needed) and instructions.  This Retrofit kit is on sales at the moment for $465.00 plus shipping.  Please contact me at 1-800-759-8990 EXT #223 if you wish to proceed with an order.


Peter Moroz-  Office Manager-

Northern Lights Group

Post By : Peter Moroz Dated On : 03-10-2011





Thanks for talking with me today.

If I have an order placed today, would it be it Kitchener-Waterloo by this weekend?  If so, I will fill out the online order form.



Post By : Jason Redman Dated On : 03-10-2011





Dear Mr. Redman,

Not a problem.  I am always glad to help.  We did receive your online order.  There is a good chance it will be in Kitchener/Waterloo for this weekend as we ship through UPS. 

I will be sending you a copy of your invoice momentarily.  You will receive a UPS tracking number via email once your order ships. 


Peter Moroz-   Office Manager


Post By : Peter Moroz Dated On : 03-10-2011

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