Balboa Temperature Sensor Faultyby Admin
Mar 2014

Message: My hot tub stopped working and the top side is just running thru the tempature rages. I believe my temp sensors are bad. Could you give me the correct part number to order? Below is all the info I can Find. Thanks   Balboa 54380-02200905080072 54380-02 VKV502 VSP-VK502-ACAG TH 4108 30344 “ON WIRE”

Dated on : 03-04-2013


Replies :

The symptom you are describing wouldn't be caused by a bad temperature sensor.  Most likely it is a bad control panel with a stuck Temperature button. Less likely but not something you can rule out is a bad connection of the control panel or a bad circuit board (portion that interfaces with the control panel). Only way to resolve this with 100% certainty is by parts substitution.  Control panel would be replaced 1st and if problem is still there then the circuit board is replaced.  It likely is the control panel though, so I would suggest you buy that. 50% restocking charge if it is returned.  Send a picture of Control Panel as well as the serial #s and I can see if we carry yours.  Send to my email directly [email protected] Dieter

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 03-05-2013

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