Balboa VS520 Spa Pakby Admin
Nov 2013

Message: Confirmation that I am picking the correct items for my tub.  Please call me: 720-288-0512  ,  If I am on the phone please leave a return phone number so I can call you back.

Dated on : 09-25-2012


Replies :

Let me know what is all to plug into the spa pack and I will recommend the right model.  Just based on the title of the message VS520SZ,  I can tell you that model is selected when you have two 2-speed pumps with or without a circulation pump and with or without a blower.  Also if there are 2 jet pumps (1 or 2 speed) plus a blower, then you also would use a Balboa VS520 Spa Pack, although a EL2000 would work better yet.  Generally  the EL2000 or EL2001 is a  more feature reach model if you are prepared to spend the extra money. Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 09-25-2012

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