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Oct 2013

Message: Hi, I am looking a replacing my Gulf Coast LX7000 spa pack with your Balboa vs501z spa pack.  My spa has a two speed pump, blower, ozone and light.  I am looking to install this by myself as the closest spa repair shop is 80 miles away.   Are the packs easy to install?  Will the existing pump, blower and ozone plug right into this pack or do i need to rewire the ends?  Do you have an installation instructions I could look at before I order the spa pack?    Thanks!

Dated on : 08-31-2012


Replies :

What you need is the the Balboa VS501 retrofit version of the spa pack which comes additionally with the topside control panel as well as cables in case you need different on your pump etc., that you currently have.  Yes the VS501Z will handle your situation perfectly.  You remove the spa pack by loosing the end unions, removing the cables from it, reattaching the unions to the new spa pack and reattaching the cables as well as the new top side control panel.  A detailed installation manual is not supplied by Balboa and for that reason we have produced our own.  That and technical support is what differentiates us from other suppliers, who just sell the box and you are on your own.  We do not however supply the manual without an order. Warranty on the spa pack is 2 years and on the top side panel 1 year.  Kit is on sale for $465 + $25 shipping by UPS ground.   Dieter Jung Tech Support Northern Lights Group

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 08-31-2012

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