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Apr 2014

Message: I am looking at putting together a complete pack system. I would also like to add a UV sanitizer. The system will need to be able to handle heavy saltwater. Any information would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you   Sammy

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Sammy, We do sell complete spa pack systems (spa pack with heater (Incoloy 800), filter & pump all pre connected and mounted on a base). To make it suitable for saltwater depends on what you mean by "saltwater".  If you want to use sea-water instead of fresh water the heater element should be titanium.  This we don't stock and would be a special.  If you plan to use fresh water, but add add salt so you can use a salt water chlorine or bromine generator, the the standard Incoloy 800 or 825 element will do. As per uV sanitizer.  Not too familiar with these. They don't tend to be used with hot tubs.   We do use uV ozonators, but that is a different beast. A uV sanitizer passes uV light through the water in the hope that the light will destroy bacteria directly.  A uV ozonator passes uV light through an air stream and changes some of the oxygen molecules, O2, to  ozone molecules, O3.  The Ozone enriched air stream is then injected into the water.  Ozone is a strong oxidizer and reacts with organic material including bacteria to destroy them by oxidizing them. Electronic sanitizers that we are familiar with are salt water chlorine generators ( a different way of adding chlorine to the water) and copper/silver/zinc metal ion generators.  These have an electrode assembly installed in the water stream and have their own control unit powered off the spa pack.  The same installation technique would be used with a uV sanitizer, and from that perspective the installation wouldn't be a problem.  How effective a uV sanitizer is compared to an ozonator or a copper/sliver ionizer I don't off hand know.  I suspect not that good, because otherwise more uV sanitizers would be seen deployed in hot tubs. Dieter Jung Technical Support

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I am building a salt float system. Everything will need to be able to deal with the heavy concentration of salt. The tank will be around 300 gal. I will need to heat and filter after each session. I do not want the ozone filter because I have heard in small spaces it will give off a bad odor. The UV filter will be fine as long as it will all hook up together. I do know I will need the titanium heater. Everything just needs to be as corrosion resistant as possible. If this is something you can put together please send me pricing and info on what you are suggesting. Thank you.

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Sammy, I am still trying to get some information about alternate seals for a pump wet end.  A standard pump has only one metal part, the seal's shroud, Although the seal itself is not metal.  I am inquiring with the pump manufacturer if an alternate alloy is available, specific for sea water use.  Haven't heard back yet. The only other metal part is the heater and the heater element itself would then be the titanium version.  That leaves the actual heater tube, which is still stainless steel even when the element is titanium.  Here however there is now an alternative spa pack that could be used, Balboa's BP1500 which they call the "Revolution" spa pack.  Its heater tube is thermoplastic and the element (4 kW) is available in titanium. Dieter

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 03-07-2013

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Tracy Jane   12:50 PM , 27 Apr 2013
Very interesting I too have a heavy salt water hot tub and am looking for ideas!
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