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Feb 2014

Message: Hi there I had bought a Balboa Hot Tub Heater from you guys in the fall.  It is working just fine, and your service was excellent!  It came with a plastic owner manual for changing the programming but I can no longer find it.  Do you have a digital copy of this manual you can send us.  Thanks in advance!   Sue

Dated on : 02-22-2013


Replies :

Sue yes we have a copy of the Manual for a Balboa Spa Pack.  I looked up your order and you order the Balboa VS520 so I have attached the manual below.  Please let me know if you have any problems opening it and I can send it directly to your email address.   Dan

Click to see attachment
Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-22-2013


Thanks for such a fast response.  I promise this time I will keep the manual for our Balboa Spa Pack in a safe place.   Yes the heater we ordered was the Balboa VS520, thanks for looking that up for me.   Sue Penner

Post By : Sue Penner Dated On : 02-22-2013

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