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Jan 2014

Message: We have an eco spa which we purchased several years ago but we do not use often so it is still like new.  The pump however is very noisy and needs to be replaced.  It died and my husband brought it back to life, but it sounds loud and scratchy.  It is a Matrix Spa Pump  # VIT420404A (PUMP SPA S HR 1S 1HP4 110/60).  I did not find this number on your site.  Do you have a pump that replaces this one?

Dated on : 12-10-2012


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It is a 1 HP single speed pump 110 VAC.  You can replace it with out 1 HP pump and only use the single speed (pump comes ready to be wired for single speed or 2 speeds).       Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 12-10-2012


Just an additional note.  Pumps this size sometimes have a center discharge wet end or even what is called a WOW wet end which has the suction at the bottom. Neither of these is like the wet end on the pump we sell which is the most common side discharge wet end.  Best to send a photo of your pump before committing to an order, or at least when you look at the picture of the pump we sell on our website, you will know if your pump has a similar wet end.  If your piping uses flex hose then it is less important,   Dieter send picture to [email protected]

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 12-11-2012

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