Outdated interior design trends to avoid in 2015 (Part 1)by kendriemiller miller
Feb 2016

You’ve probably heard all about the trends that are “in” this year, but have you heard what’s “out”? This information might be even more vital to have if you’re planning on doing remodeling or renovation, especially if you’re planning on moving in the next year or two. Try to avoid adding these outmoded design features and if you have them, convert them into something else. Replacing them will make your home more modern and more attractive to potential home buyers. The kitchen “desk” For many years, I watched my mom clutter up the kitchen table with piles of bills, check books, balancing columns, calculators, etc. when it came time to pay the monthly bills (let’s face it, I think she still does it this way). She would have loved having a kitchen desk for all her paper, her extra cookbooks, her phone book. These days, though, it’s not much more than a counter too shallow for eating or for doing anything else. Bill pay? Calculators? Phone books? You probably have them all on your phone, and you don’t need a whole desk for that when it fits comfortably in your pocket. Use the space instead for more storage. You can never have too much kitchen storage. Chevron prints Let’s face it, people did go a little crazy with chevron prints in 2014. They were a fun, fashionable, unique print which added visual interest to whatever space they were added to, but now they’re so “done” no one even notices them. It’s time to go out with the old and in with the new, which Ilyce Glink, a real estate expert, best-selling author, and radio talk show host, says means going with more “solid-colored, textured fabrics or pieced animal hide.” If neither of these are really to your taste do, at least, try to avoid adding more chevron prints to your household and try to slowly weed out what you have until it’s only found on a few favorite accessories. Whirlpool bathtubs If this is your year for a major bathroom renovation, don’t, for the love of interior design, go adding another whirlpool bathtub to the world. Not only does it take up valuable master bathroom space, it also can use between 80 and 100 gallons of water. Look for that spike on your water bill if you don’t believe me. Instead, add his and her vanities, expand your storage, or enlarge your shower and add a rainwater showerhead. If you really want a big bathtub, go with a regular soaking tub to save yourself some money and space. Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by BaseBoardRadiatorCover.com Source: cbsnews.com/media/10-home-design-trends-to-ditch-in-2015/5/
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