Preparing Your Home for Summerby Axel Blaise
Apr 2016

No one likes to spend their summer indoors making home upgrades and repairs, so before summer arrives, prepare your home for the hot weather, make repairs and freshen up the home so you can fill your summer with fun instead of too much work. Prepare early and enjoy this summer. Organize your closet Along with the warm weather comes the urge to put away all of your winter clothes and break out the shorts and flip flops. Instead of just pushing your winter clothes to the back of the closet to make room for your summer wardrobe, take the opportunity to organize and update your closet. Clear everything out and dust the shelves and vacuum the floor. Get rid of clothes you never wear to make room for new additions. Organizing your closet will leave you feeling refreshed and excited about each day. Make repairs early Get a head start on repairs and needed maintenance so you do not have to spend your summer working. Allow the spring weather to freshen up your home while you repair any damaged screens and wash the windows. My Home Ideas suggests that window screens be cleaned frequently so nothing but fresh air can flow through your home. Spring is the perfect time to do a walkthrough of your home to see what needs to be fixed and what you can repair before summer arrives, making your summer less stressful and more enjoyable. Enjoy spring cleaning When we think about spring cleaning it is completely natural to cringe and put it off. Very few people actually enjoy deep cleaning and organizing their home, but it does not have to be a tedious, miserable job. Nothing feels better than a fresh, clean home, so when you are cleaning keep your thoughts on the finished product instead of the work. Wash all the sheets and linens so your home smells like fresh air. Rid your home of clutter, dust, dirt and everything else that does not belong there. Cleaning might not be fun, but a clean home is refreshing and stress relieving. Save money on utilities Before turning on the AC, figure out different ways to cool down your home without costing you a fortune on your utility bills. If you do not have ceiling fans, they are a smart purchase if you want to save money and keep your house cool. Ceiling fans are definitely affordable and pretty easy to install and you will save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill by using ceiling fans rather than running the air conditioner all day. Let the spring breeze keep your house cool by opening all the windows. If you have windows that the sun beats down through, install reflective film, curtains or roller shades to save you from cranking up the air conditioner in order to keep the house cool. Lastly, make sure your AC unit is energy efficient and working properly to help you save as much as possible. Interior decorating and remodeling news brought to you by Source:
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