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Jan 2015

Message: I have been tinkering with a infinity hot tub that was given to me. I haven't been able to get it to start at all. So far I've replaced the control pad, heater sensors, even the pump. Always with the same results. It goes through it's prime mode the heater clicks it says EC. The gives me the dry heater code. Or bad sensor code. I've tried purging the pump. The 30 amp ceramic fuse was blown and when I replaced it it blew again immediately. That lead me to believe the motor was to blame. But I got the same results with the new motor. My next move is replacing the circuit board. Balboa 55230. Any advice? Help me please!

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Dated on : 01-12-2014



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From what you are describing, it would be highly unlikely to be the circuit board . Ec means the unit is in Economy mode.  The other codes are consistent with not having a working hot tub pump .   What is all attached to the circut board?  How many pumps, blower, ozonator, etc?  Also send me photo showing the circuit board . So far it looks like you have a shorting device or cable attached to the board . Everything except for the heater element goes through the 30A fuse. If you want to trace what the offending connection is that is causing the fuse to blow, first disconnect one of the heater element connections. Then unplug all other devices. Turn on the power. Wait for 7 minutes by which time the temperature should be displaying and Heat LED should be on. Measure voltage on all the receptacles .  For example pins corresponding to white and black wires on the pump1 receptacle should measure 240 volts AC when pump would be running in low speed .  This will confirm that the receptacles are producing the  voltages when they should    Then plug items back in one at a time, to find the offending device. After you nailed it down you have to investigate what specifically is  making it short   Dietet       Dieter 

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 01-12-2014

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 01-12-2014

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