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Feb 2015

Message: Hi I have a Hydropool Hot tub (model H700) I purchased in 2004 that I now need to replace the control system and topside on. The specifics of the current system are: Spa Pack Balboa HPL-200, Pump 1 – two speed 3HP, Pump 2 – 1 speed 4HP, Blower (Max Air), Ozonator (Eclipse), Fibre Optics Light (Fibrestars 120V) - I can send pictures if that would assist I believe the replacement system  I need that can handle the 120V Fibreoptics is the  Balboa EL200 53884-03.  and the topside ML700 LCD 8-Button Panel 52649-01 (operating the fibreoptics from the light button) Could you confirm this is correct and get your direction on wiring I am assuming I can use the existing wires and plugs from the HPL -200, and associated equipment  and use them to wire the EL200 - Is this correct or would there be other parts I have your 10% cupon (ED7567) so would need to know once it is confirmed this is the right equipment  the most cost effective option (price including tax and shipping) to ship it to: Markham Ontario where I live, or to the US (Hyde Park New York) where my Daughter goes to school and we will be visiting for a few days starting Nov 8, so it would have to be delivered by then Please advise Thanks Lorne Turner


Dated on : 10-28-2013

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Lorne, The Balboa EL2000 would be the appropriate spa pack to use.  It comes in a standard factory setup and you will have to ensure that before you turn it on you configure it to your spa's requirements.  This involves jumpers and dip switches that have to be set accordingly.  While the spa pack assumes a trained technician is making these setting changes, I can send you the appropriate manual and supply you with email technical support so you can understand how to do this yourself.  The main thing that is a little bit out of the ordinary is the 120 volt LED lighting.  The board is set from the factory to use 12 VAC lights but is also convertible with some jumper changes to control 120 VAC lights. Do you intend to buy a new ML700 panel or is your current ML700 panel still okay? Yes the 10% coupon you will be able to apply.  The EL2000M3 on its own is $450 with the coupon used.  The ML700 is $225 less 10% with coupon.  Shipping will be $25-30. https://www.cedartubsdirect.com/balboa-ml700-lcd-8button-panel-pn-5264901-p-366.html https://www.cedartubsdirect.com/balboa-el2000-hot-tub-heater-el2000-spa-pack-pn-5506504-p-451.html   Dieter Jung Technical Support Northern Lights Group

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Hi Deiter,   I now have the EL2000 and ML700 we purchased from you and the instructions.   It looks like my old system ( picture attached here again for reference) used what I understand are cvalled JJ mini plugs (male and female) to conenct the equipment to the board and I had previously asked if I needed new wires with the EL2000   Looking at the circuit board on the EL2000 I believe the connectors from board to equipment are made via amp plugs.   Can you advise what I specifically need to purchase here in the Toronto area (Male AMP Plug Housing 4 pin/2pin??) and who would carry it as I wanted to do the installation this weekend   Thanks Lorne Turner 

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Thanks Deter,  Its a pleasure to deal with someone that has the technical expertise you do  in relation to some of the responses I have received form other companies.  You mentioned 120 V LED lighting but it is actually fiber optics using a halogen light that I have ( see attachment)  I would need to buy the topside controller as well that goes with the EL2000M3 which is the ML 700 (I have an old one from my HPL200 that has a phone plug and suspect it won't work on the EL2000)  The second attachment is  a opicture of my current control box - I am assuming I can use the wires/grey plugs from it associated with the 2 pumps, blower, ozonator, and 120v fibreoptic light on the new EL200. A couple of other questions:  Would the jumper wire to change the light from 12 v to 120V be included? The  EL2000M3  53884-03 you carry - how does it differ from the EL2000 53884-05 specified in the Balboa cross reference guide for my existing model (HPL200).  I need to purchase a shaft seal for a Waterway 3.0 HP - EXECUTIVE 48 Frame, 2 Speed Speed 2 - do you carry that part? I believe you are based in Winnipeg - what is the cost and price (including tax) difference between shipping all of this to Markham Ontario vs Hyde Park New York  Thanks again Lorne         
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Post By : Lorne Turner Dated On : 01-18-2014

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