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Jul 2013

Message: I have a Balboa vs501z Spa pack that the electrician said it was producing a ground fault.  He first tested the GFI and it was not the problem.  Then he tested the wire and it was not the problem.  Then we systematical pulled off all the components (motor, lights, onzone, etc) and they were not the problem. Then we tested the heater and and it was not the problem.  so he concluded that it was the control pack.  I would like to know if it is just easier to replace the whole spa pack? The spa pack says it is a VS 501Z Balboa.  If I order that, do I need to replace the top control? Paris Perry 403-556-3622 [email protected]

Dated on : 07-10-2012



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It's a rarely for the actual circuit board to be producing a ground fault.  In fact I have never come across a case. The experience is if the GFCI trips with all loads disconnected, including both sides of the heater element, then it is either the GFCI is wired wrong or the the cabling to the the circuit board has a problem.  Read the attached.   Dieter

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 07-11-2012

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