Replacing Gecko Spa Pack with a Balboa Spa Packby Admin
Feb 2014

Message: I have a hot tub that has a Gecko Spa Pack. My heater has fried 2 time in the last 3 years and I am looking for a better hot tub heater.  I have done some research and it seems that Balboa makes the best hot tub heaters.  Will the Balboa VS501 replace my Gecko S Class Spa Pack?  Also I assume I need to buy the retrofit kit as my topside controller probably would not work? Joe

Dated on : 02-05-2013


Replies :

Joe, yes the Balboa VS501z will replace your S Class Gecko Spa Pack.  The heater tubes are the same length so it is an easy retrofit.  Your Gecko Top Side Controller will not work with the Balboa Spa Pack so you will need to replace this with a retrofit kit.  You can find all our retrofit kits on our hot tub heater page   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-05-2013


Great, you guys have amazing prices.  I just placed my order.  Is there any sort of retrofit manual that comes with the Balboa Hot Tub Heaters?  

Post By : Joe Flinte Dated On : 02-05-2013


Joe yes you will receive a detailed installation manual designed by our engineers.  It is about 10 pages and much more detailed than any manual produced by Balboa.  Also if you have any question installing  this hot tub heater it you can call us anytime!   Thanks Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-05-2013

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