Replacing a Builders Spa Pakby Admin
Jan 2014

Message: I currently have a Spa Builders S Class spa pack, I need to replace it and heard that it would be better to replace it with a Balboa.  What Spa Pak's can this be replaced with?

Dated on : 12-10-2012


Replies :

This will depend on how many pumps you have.  The basic Balboa VS501z can handle 2 pumps, such as a main pump and a circulating pump.  Let me know how many pumps you have and I can then advise you on the correct model.   

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 12-10-2012


Hi Dan,Thank you.  It only has 1 pump.Regards,
Post By : Rachael Waterman Dated On : 12-10-2012


Yes then the Balboa VS501z retrofit kit is what you need.  Here is the link    Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 12-10-2012

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