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Nov 2013

Message: Hello There, I am looking to replace my current Balboa Spa Controller with a new replacement.  Previous discussions with you folks (issue #1032 with Dieter Jung & Dan) suggested the Balboa EL2001 M3 controller would fit my needs nicely.  After gathering all the specifics of my current system, I created and attached a file with all the necessary information to select the proper replacement items (pdf file).  Although it would be nice, I do not know if my current top side controls would be compatible with the new model controller.  If a replacement panel is necessary, I only have 10" between two other control knobs where the unit would have to be located.  I am not so sure the added features on the more elaborate controllers would be all that necessary for us on this spa.  All in all, I am looking for the least painful and cheapest way to get my spa up and running for the winter season (the wife is nagging on me pretty bad - smiles).  A retrokit was suggested, and I would assume it would include additional guidance on the setting of the circuit board dip switches as well.  I am an Electronic Engineer by trade, so none of that sort of business would be any problem on my end. I would be thankful for any and all assistance you can provide.  Dieter made a comment on how the EL2001 M3 is not listed on your site, but is available.  He also mentioned that it could be fitted with a 4kW heater at no extra charge because of the flow rate issues with my Iron Might circulation pump and 1" lines.  Either way, I am looking for a list of what I would need, what it would cost and how to go about ordering it from you.  I noticed the 10% off coupon on your website as well and hope to take advantage of this or any other specials you currently have that are up coming.  Hope you folks are having a GREAT day and I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you!! Regards, Richard L. Diercks email: [email protected]

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Richard,I can’t help you with an exact replacement since that model is no longer made and I don’t have any details on it.  The replacement will physically fit the existing male tailpieces. The spa pack feature that you have described cannot be exactly matched up with any current Balboa spa pack.  The main problem would be with the multispeed function of your blower.  All blower outlets currently use a 4 pin AMP (Molex) connector meant to use only a 3-wire cable to supply 120 v or 240 v plus ground.  If your current blower plug has all pins wired, you would have to sacrifice which speed gets unused (I,e., connect the most desired speed only which usually is the high speed). The other issue is with the additional two jets on off buttons.  Your existing ones don’t have a matching receptacle on any current spa pack.  Current spa packs can use auxiliary control buttons, which typically are located on the opposite sides and work functionally in parallel to the main panel Jets 1 and Jets 2 buttons, so effective the Jets can be turned OFF, LO, HI from multiple locations.  If this is what these buttons in fact do, the VS520SZ can support one such auxiliary Jet1 button, while the EL2001 could control two (Jets 1 and Jets 2).  This however is not an essential feature, since they do nothing more than duplicate the Jets 1 or the Jets 1 and Jets 2 function.  Bottom line however is your existing 2 separate buttons either stay in place and do nothing (stay unconnected), or if you wish the function they served replaced at least for one of them, then you need to purchase the extra Jet1  or Jets 1 and Jets 2 auxiliary controls VX10 (for VS spa packs) and AX10 (for EL200X series spa packs). If you can resolve this, your choice remains VS520SZ or EL2001M3VS520SZ retrofit kit  (which you appear to favour because of price) can be purchased here. With the 10% discount it is $54.50 less than normal price and shipping will be $25.  Either place the order on-line or by phone (Ext 223 talk to Peter). The retrofit comes with the VL701S panel which matches, size wise, yours.  It also comes with a manual we have prepared describing how jumper wires are set to match the voltages of your load devices (120 v or 240 v). The function of the dip switches is also described, but I can tell you now all dipswitches would stay off (down), except for A2 (ON).  It also comes with all new cables.  There is no discount if you don’t need the cables. You will have to indicate that you wish 5.5 kW heater tube replaced with 4.0 kW heater tube on your order.  As I indicated if you wish to have one of the AUX jets buttons active, you would need to purchase the AX10 PN 54111   (Jets 1 ) auxiliary control button ($35).  We should have one in stock. Dieter PS.  Don’t place the order with me, I am in Greece right now. 

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Hi Again, From looking things over, it would appear the easiest panel replacement would be the Balboa ML551 along with (x2) of the AX10 remotes. The dimensions appear to be the closest to what I already have. I am assuming a retrofit kit is what I would require and thought I would add these thoughts before your reply to get the appropriate pricing. Thanks again for all your assistance. I look forward to your response so I can get this in the works. Regards, Richard Diercks ---- 
 Post By : Richard L. Diercks Dated On : 09-17-2012

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