Spa Pack Shutting off Pumpby Admin
Jan 2014

Message: just bought a spa pack and it keeps kicking out the pump after 30 seconds.

Dated on : 12-02-2012



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Have you hooked pump up to 220 VAC or 110? As default the pump will be wired to 110. You need to check this and if you pump is 220, move the powered jumper to red AC. This is explained in the manual.

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 12-03-2012


I never got a manual when I got the spa pack the sub zero tech guy installed it.

Post By : keith lance Dated On : 12-03-2012


Then he installed it incorrectly. If you had a professional company install it then you should call them back!

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 12-03-2012


There isn't enough information in your message for me to judge why this is happening.  The thread also has little information in this regard. So let me start by asking a few questions. What is the model of the spa pack? How many Pumps do you have and are these 2-speed or 1 speed and what is their voltage rating? What Dip switches do you have on? What white wire jumpers are attached to RED AC? Please send a photo showing the circuit board and all the connections to [email protected] Invoice number of the spa pack purchase.   Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 12-03-2012


Click to see attachment
Post By : keith lance Dated On : 12-03-2012


From what you supplied me, the 1st thing I noticed is that the W1 white wire jumper is not set to be on RED AC.  It must be. The spa pack does not come set up for your specific conditions.  The photo I have is of the motor label.  What I had requested is a photo of the inside of the spa pack.  However, if you ensure the pump is plugged into J23, and that the W1 white wire is moved to RED AC, then we can get further on this.  Make the change and then test whether anything has changed and get back to me.   Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 12-03-2012

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