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Mar 2014

Deciding whether the Problem is the Panel or the Circuit Board

Balboa Spa Heaters


Sometimes customers report weird behavior or displays on the panel. This can be occurring on a VL/GL series system, such as a Balboa VS501Z or GS501Z or on a EL/ GL series such as a Balboa EL2000 or GL 2000 or on the new generation BP systems such as a BP1500 or BP2000. For example recently a customer reported that their display is continuously cycling the filter cycle settings FC, F2, F4, F6, F8, FC…... Other customers have experienced a continuously flashing 104F or 40C. While in both of these cases the panel is the suspect problem, there is always a suspicion it might be related to the circuit board. Customers aren’t happy when they receive a replacement hot tub control panel and the same problem is still there. So what can we do to resolve whether the circuit board is also defective or possibly solely responsible for the behavior?


The key is to recognize that the spa pack does not need to have a panel attached to it. It will control to the last settings. However these settings may have been corrupted. So the 1st thing you should do is to bring the circuit board back to its factory default setting, For a VS501Z, for example, this is Standard mode, filter cycle F2 and set point temperature at 99F. This is called “performing a memory reset”. Once you have done so you then turn on the power and observe if the circuit board is controlling properly without a panel attached to it. For example after 4-5 minutes the pump should come on in circulation mode (low speed if only 1 pump is used). After 6-7 minutes there should be 240 volts across the heater element terminals. If you observe this is happening, you can conclude the spa circuit board is most likely good. If it is not happening the circuit board is defective.


Performing the memory reset is done differently with different class spa packs. For an EL/GL spa pack, for example, the A12 dip switch is used to do a memory reset. For a VS/GS system, a memory reset is done using the J43 jumper pins. Turn off the power and reset the jumper so it is set across both pins. Turn on power for 1 minute and then turn it back off. Reset the J43 jumper to be on one pin only. This completes the memory reset and on next power-up the circuit board will control to the factory default settings, mentioned above.


Dieter Jung

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.


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