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Nov 2013

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Mike, I have pasted your Word document text into this reply.  You will find my answers in italics and underlined. Communicate with me further using my direct email  [email protected]   Dieter   Back Ground: 1: All spa systems are working as they should except it does not heat up.   2: Replaced heating element and still did not heat up. I now have two good heating units as they       both Ohm out at 11.   3: After replacing heating element removed circuit board to view the back side of the        board and found there was some over heating damage to the board, see picture attached.   4: Inquired of a local Spa Tech on possible circuit board replacement. He stated the chip set was       Proprietary from ALPS and we could not do a simple board replacement.  True or false?? From your  description of what load devices are used, 2x 2-spd pumps and ozonator, there is nothing special here.  This applies even if there is or is not a third smaller circulation pump.  If there is no blower anywhere to be seen, then the air is mixed into the jet water flow using the venturi effect of the jets and how much air is mixed with the water is controlled by jet air valves. The appropriate replacement, if there is no blowers is a EL2000 spa pack. El2001 is unnecessary. The propriatory part , if anything is proprietory at all in the spa pack, would be something quite minor, like a specific maintenance reminder message.  Of course the panel has a custom overlay.   5: He recommended a complete retro fit of a VS520SZ. After a little research not sure if this is     correct selection either? Balboa VS520SZ would be able to handle the basic function, but EL2000 is much more advanced in how it can control filter cycles for example.  With EL2000 you can keep your existing panel. With VS520SZ you have to buy a new one, so overall that option is more expensive   6: We are seeking a recommendation from you as to possible directions. While we seek the most      economic direction as everyone else we also are looking at the long term with this Spa. Also to     rid ourselves of the proprietary aspect of our current system, if this is really a factor to be     dealt with or not??  Would like to be in a position to buy standard off the shelf Balboa     components that are going to be available in the future. I do not wish to buy into technology    that will not be supported 5 years down the road, per say. EL2000 spa pack would be my recommendation.  I am also asking Balboa if there are, indeed, any mounting differences between M2 and M3 board and should know tomorrow.   Overview of current Spa configuration/equipment: (Spa data attached in PDF & pictures)  1: We have 2- two 5BHP pumps that are two speed each, picture attached of data plate on     pumps. Pumps are really not true 5 HP, the Amp rating on the motors is inconsistent with 5 HP.  An HPR rating crept into the spa pump lingo, and this was used to make the pumps appear more powerful than they are.  If you ever need to replace these pumps a true 3 HP pump is a good replacement.   2: Picture of topside panel also in attachments. Please note there is no blower pump button on     this panel, only a invert button. However we have air bubbles coming out of our jet. Not sure       how this is achieved without a pump?   3: Our current expander board does not have a glass fuse like others of this model I have seen? What is plugged into the expander board?   4: Top Side panel is an EL/GL series with (Mach 2 Control) with ML700 Panel. See attachment.   5: We also have an ozone unit but not currently used.   We ask that you carefully review the data provided and give recommendation. Also, requesting a cost for components and their delivery time. EL2000 main board $ 280 EL2000 complete spa pack $ 490 but only needed if M3 mounting holes do not match up with M2 version. ML700 control panel  $ 225 , probably not needed.  Will have a blower button that gets disabled  and to invert you push Warm and the Blower. I believe we have all these items in stock.  We ship by UPS ground, worst case $25 shipping. Should you need any further information please advise.   Best Regards, Mike Snipes   Contact Information; Mike Snipes   

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-23-2012


Mike, It was confirmed by Balboa that the mounting holes are indeed different between the M2 and the M3.  They also told me that the M2 is still available as a special order.  Waiting for a price and delivery. Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-24-2012

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