Tips from the experts on raising home value (Part 2)by judy fuller
Dec 2015

These days, the economy is looking up and so are home values. If you’re looking to sell, the market is in better shape than it’s been in years. A previous article outlined some possible home improvements costing less than $200 that could improve your home’s value. The following are more tips from the experts at HGTV on similar improvements, however they’ll fall in higher price brackets so be prepared to shell out a little more, though it should be for a higher return. Renovations from $200 to $400 Hire a cleaning service Yes, you could clean your house on your own, but how thoroughly? Are you willing to spend the hours it might take to really get your home spotless? If you’re as busy as most homeowners, the answer is probably no. Don’t undervalue the impact a carpet cleaning could have on your home’s visual appeal. People generally want to buy a home that is move-in ready, not one they’re going to have to spend hundreds of dollars cleaning. Update your guest bathroom A master bathroom can be expensive to renovate, but a small bathroom or half bath can be transformed on a relatively small budget. Update your flooring, cupboards, or countertops to give it a modern feel and a fresh look. Dated wallpaper and old lighting are also key elements that should be replaced. Renovations from $400 to $750 Swap out one kitchen item You won’t get a full kitchen remodel on such a slim budget, but you can make a big difference by choosing one element to improve or update. HGTV experts suggested swapping out “a stained sink or ancient microwave for shiny new stainless models. “ You could also update or add lighting to increase the kitchen’s usability. Perform routine maintenance and repairs If you haven’t checked your water heater, drainpipes, or attic for a while, now’s the time to make sure they’re all in proper working order, devoid of cracks, clogs, breaks, or leaks. Look at the bedroom walls and trim and repair any dents or paint chips. Even small repairs will add up quickly. Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by Source:
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