Ultra Jet Spa Replacement Pumpby Admin
Oct 2013

Message: do you have replacement pump for: Ultra Jet Mod 5KCR48TN2351X,HP HZ 80,V-230 PH1,RPM 3450/1725   A 8.8/3.4,SFA FR 55HZ,AMB 40.

Dated on : 09-12-2012



Replies :

UltraJet Pumps are now made by Balboa Water Group.  However not all pumps that were ever made by Ultrajet are still made. We can supply 2 HP 2-speed 230 volt 8.8/2.9 Amp frame 56 Ultimax version (now called the Niagara model). 1 Dieter  

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 09-12-2012

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