Wiring on Balboa VS501Zby Admin
Apr 2014

Message:   I received my new Spa Pack from you last week and will hook it up today.  The only question I have regards the movement of the W1 and W7 wires. I'm will be using a 2 speed pump (230V) plugged into J23, and a 1 speed pump (230V) plugged into J17/26 in place of a blower.  I moved the W1 wire from the white ac to J34 on the red ac, and the W7 wire from the white ac to J35 on the red ac.  Is this correct? Thanks for the help and the fine product.

Robert Murphy

Dated on : 03-11-2013

Replies :


Yes that is correct. W1 and W7 moved to RED AC.  All dip switches OFF (down) Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 03-12-2013

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