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Nov 2013

Message: Hello, We bought a Northern Lights cedar hot tub, a number of years ago -- round, 6' in diameter.    It's time to replace the cover: the old one is waterlogged  and the vinyl is looking a bit ragged.  Could you please quote a price for a replacement, with delivery to Wakefield, Quebec? Thanks, Bruce Taylor

Dated on : 08-31-2012


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Dear Bruce, There was a change in cover suppliers 3-4 years ago.  Do you happen to have an invoice # from your original order?  I searched for your name in our system and could not locate the invoice.  Was your order placed under your wife's name or a business name perhaps? Please Advise. Sincerely Peter Moroz Office Manager NLG

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 09-04-2012


Hi, thanks for the answer.The order was probably placed under my wife's name, Margaret (or "Maggie") Odell.I'll look for an invoice...it's been a few years, so it might be buried! cheers,Bruce

Post By : Bruce Taylor Dated On : 09-04-2012


Hi Peter, I found the invoice number: 488 It shipped in August of 2005, with a Charcoal grey cover....large 6' 2" round cedar hot tub. cheers, Bruce

Post By : Bruce Taylor Dated On : 09-04-2012


Hello again, So, can I order a new hot tub cover through Northern Lights?  As I mentioned in my last message,  our invoice number was #488, in 2005. Thanks, Bruce Taylor & Maggie Odell

Post By : Bruce Taylor Dated On : 09-07-2012


Dear Bruce, I apologize for my delayed reply.  I needed to investigate for you.  Since your order was shipped, we have switched cover Manufacturers.   Our engineer is travelling in Europe at the moment, so I cannot confirm our new covers will fit properly yet.  I understand the technician will be in a city with internet in the next day or so.   I will send you a reply as soon as he confirm that the new covers will fit properly.   Sincerely Peter Moroz Office Manager Northern Lights Cedar Tubs

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 09-08-2012


Hi Peter  -- So, were you able to get info. on a replacement hot tub cover?   thanks,   Bruce

Post By : Bruce Taylor Dated On : 09-21-2012


Dear Bruce, We want to ensure we  give you the right size exactly.  Please take a measuring tape and measure the outside diameter across the top. Even thought it is a 6ft 2in tub, there may be a 1/2" difference between the tubs we made 7 years ago. Thank You.  Once I have this measurement, I can order in a new one for you., Also advise what color you would like.  Last order was Charcoal. Sincerely Peter Moroz NLCT

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 09-25-2012


The outside diameter seems to be a shade under 74" (just 73 7/8" at the point I measured)...i.e. 6' 2". cheers, Bruce

Post By : Bruce Taylor Dated On : 09-25-2012


Oh, and Charcoal grey is still good, if it's available. Bruce

Post By : Bruce Taylor Dated On : 09-25-2012


Dear Bruce, Thank you.  In that case our current 6ft 2in model will work fine.  We were just concerned it may be an inch or so smaller or bigger which would cause sealing problems. In regards to the color, I now realize that our new spa cover supplier does not carry a Charcoal version. They do carry light Grey and Dark Grey, but they do not have a color called charcoal. Please see this hyperlink for our current cover color selection.  https://www.cedartubs.com/images/cover-colours.jpg We carry R14 versions and R21 versions.  The R21 version is an inch thicker and provides much better energy efficiency. Sincerely Peter Moroz Office Manager NLCT        

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 10-01-2012


The R21 version would be good.  How much does it cost? "Dark grey" would be the right colour, I think.   cheers Bruce

Post By : Bruce Taylor Dated On : 10-01-2012


Dear Bruce, The R14 version has a cost of $460 and the R21 version has a cost of $580 Delivery timeframe would be approx 3 weeks for this color as we stock only the most popular colors.  For reference, the 2 most popular colors are Hunter Green and Solarno Rust. Sincerely Peter Moroz Northern Lights

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 10-02-2012


OK, R21 is good, and Hunter Green would be fine, if you have it in stock (time is more important to us than colour...the old cover is almost unusable, now). best, Bruce  

Post By : Bruce Taylor Dated On : 10-02-2012


Dear Bruce, I have looked into shipping rates for you.  Due to the size of the shipment (74 x 38 x 11) :, we can ship it through UPS, but they have added an extra charge for extra large shipment.   UPS quoted $155.    and shipment would take approx 4-5 days. I also asked the Mfg what the cost would be if they shipped direct to you.  They advised the cost would only be around $90.00 They would be able to ship the cover within 1 week with transit time of approx 1 week. I tried a few freight companies as well, but the rates we slightly higher than the rate UPS provided. Please contact me at my office if you would like to move forward with an order.  My direct line is 1-800-759-8990 EXT #223 Sincerely Peter Moroz Northern Lights Group

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 10-03-2012

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