balboa heater overheatingby Admin
Jul 2014

Message: Tried to access your knowledge base but it is not working 2.6 Hp Waterway insulated wet end pump SD U704203226 SD 2.6 2N22CE  Balboa V series   Part number 54356HC1 Model # VS501Z We are finding we cannot keep the temperature down.  It was 109 F this morning so I have shut it off.  Do I need to replace the Balboa temperature sensors?  Do you carry these?

Dated on : 05-28-2013

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My 1st guess would be that you are experiencing the effect of Pump heat. When the pump runs it energy changes to heat and if there isn't sufficient heat loss the water temperature slowly keeps rising.  This usually is a problem when the weather is warm. When the temperature is 1 degree above the set point, the Heat LED should be off and there should be no voltage across the heater element terminals. Measure the voltage and if indeed there is no voltage present, this confirmas it is a pump heat situation. Dieter Jung Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 05-28-2013

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