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May 2013


Recently purchase a Balboa vs520 spa pack and head unit for my hot tub. Installed it and had all jets running and functioning. A day later no jets will turn on including the air pump will not function. Trace all connections and correct voltage configuration for the control unit.

2 dual/speed 240v pumps, 1 240v air pump. Ozonator was not connected yet.

I have reset the GFI and the control unit gets power and the head control unit will run thru the testing start up options, but no pumps will engage. Has the spa pack control board been fried or has there been a specific fuse blown. System reset has no effect on the problem.

Do I have a defected unit?  Help


Dated on : 03-05-2012


Replies :

So I gather the top side panel displays and the breaker doesn't trip. The pumps and the blower just don't run?

My 1st guess is you lost voltage to the red terminal.  That would leave the circuitry energized but you would loose power to the 240 volt pumps, heater, etc.  So check whether you get 240 volts from RED AC to BLK AC and if not, trace it back to find where the connection is being broken.


Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 03-05-2012

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