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Apr 2014

Message: Hi Guys,thank you, thank you, got my tub last week I am more than pleased with the quality and craftmanship I'm just waiting for a certain electrical part to finalize the assembly. A few questions... I have theBalboa 500Z series spa pack 120 v  with 4 jets on my Ofuro Tub.   1st question..... What is the limit on how far away the spa pack can be from the tub without affecting the jet effectiveness or heating etc. also is it best to avoid too many elbows which must affect the water pressure flow. I would like to move the pack and cedar box enclosure about 10 or 12 feet from the tub in an enclosed porch area. 2nd question  I will need a longer control cable  for the control panel ASAP.   thanks Rich Washak Marco Is. Fl.

Dated on : 04-04-2013

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You are correct that moving the skid pad some 12 feet away will have an effect on the flow since it will add 20ft or so to the piping.  Also definitely do it in a manner that minimizes elbows.  Whether you will be unhappy with the flow I cannot easily say, just that there will be some reduction.  heating loss will only be the heat loss in the extra piping.  You can insulate the piping to reduce that.  If you plan to use 120 volt service, like you say you plan to do, then reducing heat loss is important, because the heater power will be reduced to 1375 watts, whereas it would be 5500 Watts if you were using a 240 volt service.  You will experience 4 times longer heat up times when starting with cold water. The extension cable you can order from us.  Phone Peter at Extension 223 and the product is Duplex panel 25ft extension cable with female/female adapter       PN 22639 - $35, plus $10 shipping. Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 04-05-2013

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