replacement GE motor with 2 HP hot tub pumpby Admin
Jul 2013

Message: Looking for replacement for a GE motor and pump for hot tub model number: 5KCR48TN2351X        230V, 2sp, 8.8/3.4 amp, 56FR Can you offer item and price including shipping? Thank you

Dated on : 07-06-2012


Replies :

Dear Bob, We can supply you with a replacement.  Although we do not advertise a 56 Frame model online, I do have some in stock.  Please give me a call at my office to place an order.  Price is $275 for new pump and motor.  $45 for shipping as they weigh 33 Lbs Sincerely Peter Moroz Office Manager NLCT

Post By : Peter Moroz Dated On : 07-09-2012


Thank you for the reply, is the replacement a Balboa? Can you provide the model number?  Our motor is labeled GE 5KCR48TN2351x the other lable states Altima-56 model number PUUPC2202582F for a Marquis Hot Tub (P/N 630-6074) Do you also have a replacement vibration pad?   Do you recommend using a silicone sealant on the intake wet end?  (this was apparently the case on the current one)  Pump wet ends are 2" with 3"O.D. with center discharge.  I do not need a power cord.  I will call in the am but thought I would send this along in the mean time since I am guessing your office is closed currently. 

Post By : Bob and Jan Berichon Dated On : 07-09-2012


Hello Peter- Have not heard back from you since we spoke since Tuesday.  You were going to email me with the details re: the prior questions above.  Any updates?  I am hoping to get the parts ASAP- Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you- Jan 503-281-8680

Post By : Bob and Jan Berichon Dated On : 07-12-2012


Dear Jan, I apologize for the delayed reply.  The model would be Balboa (Ultimax) NIAGARA 2 HP (NA) Pump-  PN # 1056010  In regards to the question on the silicone, we recommend that customers use PVC Glue or PVC Cement.  Silicon can start to wear away after a few years. Sincerely Peter Moroz NLCT

Post By : Peter Moroz Dated On : 07-13-2012


Thank you Peter!  I will get this ordered. I still am needing the vibration pad(s) for the motor- can you give me a price and part number on them/it. I will place the order as soon as I hear back from you- excited to get our hot tub back and running! Thanks again- Jan

Post By : Bob and Jan Berichon Dated On : 07-13-2012


Dear Jan, I am still trying to determine if there is a vibration pad for this model.  I will not be able to confirm until monday. Once I confirm there is one available or in stock, I will send an update. Sincerely Peter Moroz NLCT

Post By : Peter Moroz Dated On : 07-13-2012


Thank you Peter- I will check in early Monday - Have a nice weekend

Post By : Bob and Jan Berichon Dated On : 07-13-2012


Dear Jan , I have confirmed that we do not have any of the vibration pads for any of the Frame 56 Motor models.  We onlyhave them for the pumps with frame 48 Motors, For your reference, the difference between the 2 types of motors is the physical size of them.  The Frame 56 motors are approx 1 inch taller and 1.5 inches longer. Sincerely Peter Moroz Northern Lights Group

Post By : Peter Moroz Dated On : 07-16-2012

Daniel Rippey   08:47 PM , 13 Oct 2013
Hi Peter - I also have the same pump (5KCR48TN2351X, 230V, 2sp, 8.8/3.4 amp, 56FR) - can you honor the same price you mentioned above? $275 + 45/ship
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