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Jul 2013

Message: Hi, I have two questions. Firstly do you ship to Australia? Second question can you supply a replacement controller, heater and touch pad that will handle the following? 240volt 50cycle AC. two single speed pumps plus 3 speed blower. 2Kw heater. I realize the wiring probably need the plugs to be changed but this is not a problem. My main concern, if you can supply a suitable unit, is with the plumbing. As you can see in the attached photo the old heater fitted in the black tube with the orange label and was connected to the pump behind it. Looking at your units they all appear to have the heater as an integral part of the controller and this may make fitting the unit difficult. If the heater if connected to the pump can it support the weight of the controller or must the controller be attached to the side of the spa to support it? Can you supply adapters so that the heater will fit the Australian plumbing? Best regards Tom

Dated on : 05-27-2012


Replies :

The heater tube is always integral with the controller box, and this is called a spa pack.  These units are flexible in where they can be located and how they can be oriented (horizontal. vertical, before the pump, after the pump, etc.)  Connections are 2 inch, and that is standard.  We can supply a 2" to 1-1/2" adapter if your piping is 1-1/2".  Measure the outside diameter of your piping (not the connectors) and I can then tell you whether or not the piping in your tub is different over what it would be here. What we can't satisfy is control of the 3-speed blower directly from the touch pad.  The touch pad has a blower button, but this only turns the blower receptacle ( a 3-pin receptacle) on off.  Unless the blower switches to the next speed, each time power is applied, you would have to decide which speed you wish have operational. Another item that has to be clarified is whether indeed you have two identical 1 speed pumps.  Typically with all modern hot tubs, the pump that circulates water through the heater, is a quiet circulation pump running at 1450 rpm.  So either the tub would have a circulation pump and a higher power jet pump, or it would have one 2-speed pump that is used with the heater and also supplies some of the jets and a 2nd pump which supplies water to the other jets. If you have either of those arrangement we could supply you with either a Balboa GS501Z retrofit kit or a Balboa BP1600 retrofit kit.  Or if you indeed have two identical 1 speed pumps, then either a GS520SZ or a GL2000 retrofit kit would be required.  The limitation regarding the blower applies to all.  A retrofit kit comes with the top side control panel, a complete set of cables with the right connectors including one for the light and a comprehensive manual.  All these models are suitable for 220-240v 50 Hz and all come equipped with a 3 kW heater element.  The BP1600 and the GL2000 are higher end models and are capable of wireless remote control.  The remote  for the BP1600, if so equippedcan, would be a iPhone/ITouch/iPad. Dieter Jung Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 05-27-2012


Hi Dieter, Many thanks for your prompt response. Both pumps are 1.5HP and run at 2800rpm so I assume the GS520SZ would be satisfactory. Unfortunately when I search for price and specs on the GS520SZ then the price and specs for the GL2000 come up! I would assume that since the GL2000 is a higher end model it would be more expensive than the GS520SZ so I wondered if you could give me a price and specs on the GS520SZ. I would also like the shipping charges for either retro kit to Australia. Regards Tom 

Post By : Tom Anderson Dated On : 05-28-2012

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