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Apr 2014

Message: Hello Dieter,   I find the VS501Z retro to be a perfect replacement, and thank you for all the help you extended me.  However, a small problem has developed.  My Top side Control refuses to allow my pump #2 ( blower button ) to function, and my temp button will not function either.  The light works as does the number 1 pump ( both stages ), and the temp read out functions to 104 and then the red light turns off and stops heating. When this happened I shut off the power and turned it back on with a 1888.88 showing followed by a 100-63-43 and then a 24, which are the same numbers that showed when I first installed the Balboa.  Those numbers are followed by the Pr which lasts about three minutes.  Then pump number 1 comes on using stage 2, followed by the -- reading for a couple of minutes.  Then pump number 2 comes on for a minute and shows the water temp (99, this evening).  Then the red light comes on and it heats promptly to 104, and then the light goes off and heating stops.  During that time I can only use the Jets button and the Light button and am unable to change to St or Sc or Sl modes.  The Temp and Blower buttons are inoperative, as they are after heating ceases. I would appreciate any suggestions you might pass on to me that might correct this problem.   Thanks again, Robert Murphy

Dated on : 04-03-2013

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To resolve this I need a photo of the entire circuit board so I can see how everything is connected.  I also need to know the DIP switch settings (just the dip switches you have On (UP)).  Further tell me the voltage ratings of your 2 speed and 1 speed pump. 1888 is typically a sign of a control panel problem. Paste this message to your email and send it to me via email rather than a reply to this application. My email is: dieter@cedartubs,com Dieter

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 04-04-2013

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