Balboa 58083 vs 55624 heaterby Admin
Nov 2014

Message: Hi, I have a Saratoga spa with a Balboa VS514SZ pack installed. The breaker trips as soon as I turn it on. I disconnected the brass strap from the heater and the breaker does not trip anymore so I think I isolated the problem to the heater being faulty. I'm about to purchase the heater from your site. The Balboa part number is 58083 (5.5kw incoloy). However, I noticed that a titanium version is also available (Balboa part number 55624). Will it fit instead of 58083? Is it worth it? Last question: I'm from Canada. Where do you ship from? Will I need to pay any duties/taxes? Thanks! Louis  

Dated on : 10-15-2013


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You diagnosed the problem correctly. Balboa Titanium heater element version is good for corrosive environments such as salt water.  We are located in Winnipeg and ship via either UPS or Canada Post. Dieter Northern Lights Group.

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-15-2013

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