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Jul 2014

Message: I want to change over to Balboa el series. Is there a big price difference between  EL1000 and EL2000 series. Also what is the price and availability of the wireless control and computer dashboard? Thanks for your help.

Dated on : 06-12-2013

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EL1000, was discontinued but seems to have been reintroduced.  It is a basic version that supports, 1 x 2-speed pump, circulation pump and ozonator and light.  An expander board can be added to give some additional features. Balboa EL2000 supports 2 x 2-speed pump, circ pump, ozonator and light or  1 x 2-speed pump, 1 x 1-spd pump, 1 x Blower or 1-spd pump, ozonator and light.  An expander board can also be added to give additional features in which case it becomes a EL2001. We don't carry the EL1000, but we can certainly get it.  I suspect price difference would be around $100.  I will have to check into this. Both support the Spa Monitor wireless remote control or the Dolphin IR remotes.  The latter is just good for turning pumps and light on and off. Dieter  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-13-2013


More on this.  The PC dashboard is no longer available.  Only the two items I mentioned.  Balboa tech support told me the EL1000 is not made.  The marketing information on their site is wrong. Dieter

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-13-2013

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-13-2013

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