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Jun 2014

Message: Hi, I also sent a message thru eBay yesterday.  I need to replace my air spa control pack on an older Down East hot tub.  I think the way to go is with electronic Balboa pack and not the air pack.  Here is what I have. 240 volt incoming power Pump 1 - 1 speed, 240 volt Pump 2 - 1 speed, 240 volt Air pump - 1 speed, 110 volt Circ pump (grunfross, about 15gpm) - 110v Lights - 110v Ozonator - 110volt, but I need to buy a new one. Can you recommend the proper Balboa retrofit unit, with top side control pack (rectangle opening)? I am thinking the VS510SZ, but my circulation pump doesn't put out 23 gpm and I am only running single speed main pumps.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Dated on : 06-17-2013

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Problem with any of the Balboa spa packs that use their M7 technology, is with the circulation pump you have.  It is not only the circulation pump that determines the flow, but also the piping that it pumps through.  This piping is no doubt either 1 or 3/4" and even if you changed pumps to one with 1-1/2" connections, chances are pretty good that the existing piping and small fittings will keep the flow below 23 USGPM. In cases like this you can downgrade to a lower power heater.  For example if you used a 3 kW heater instead of a 5.5 kW heater minimum flow specs drop to 12.5 USGPM.  Hopefully you're system is producing that amount of flow. I have no way of knowing this for sure however.  Other alternatives are to install the spa pack into one of the jet pump hydraulic circuits, if there is room and change out that jet pump to a 2-speed pump.  You leave the existing circulation pump connected to the filter. Of course you can look for a non-Balboa solution.  Gecko and CTI make electronic spa packs that use the pressure switch method to deduce whether or not there is flow, which is what your existing spa pack does and that would work with your existing circulation flow setup.   Balboa spa packs (retrofit kits) that would, aside from the flow problem, handle your situation are: VS520SZ, VS510SZ (which we don't carry and use VS520SZ instead), EL2000 and BP2000.  Any of these can be have the heater changed to a 3 kW unit. Dieter Jung Northern Lights Group   

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 06-18-2013


Dieter,Thanks for the information.  You are correct on my circulation pump, it is about 15gpm and runs a 1" diameter inlet and outlet. My preference would be to run the small heater and keep the plumbing the same.  I looked at the other spa packs you mention but it looks like the Balboa is a better unit, but you probably know better and I will take that into my decision.  My ozone unit is also broke, do you have any recommendations on what to run for a replacement?  Once I am ready to order, should I be going thru your eBay site to order and swap out for the smaller kw heater unit?  Thanks Nate 

Post By : Nathan Nick Dated On : 06-18-2013


Nate, I agree Balboa makes the best equipment.  As far as an ozonator is concerned, most easily would be to buy the Balboa cartridge CD ozonator.  Order through our own store and leave a note to change out heater to 3 kW unit.  It is the same price. You can also phone in the order  204 977 1674 Extension 223 (Peter in sales). Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 06-18-2013

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