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Jul 2014

Message: We purchased the VS501Z from you in January of 2011. I installed it myself and it has worked pefrectly for two and a half years. Now of course the warranty has expired and we have an issue. It is blowing the main breaker panel GFCI and it cannot be reset. I disconnected the Spa pack and the breaker did reset so it is not a breaker problem. Do you have any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot the pack to isolate the problem and see if you have a replacement part that will fix the issue? If the lifespan of these packs is only 2 years without the ability to repair them I doubt I would buy another one so I would appreciate your help. Thanks Deb Starchuk

Dated on : 07-08-2013

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My 1st guess is that the heater element has a ground fault.  Remove both copper strips from the element.  Use 2 wrenches with one holding the back nut fixed.  Then turn on power.  If the GFCI holds, that confirms that you need to replace the heater tube assembly.  We carry those in our parts store. To get proper life out of a heater element, the pH, Total alkalinity and water hardness need to be properly maintained.  Otherwise the water will be corrosive and cause early failure of the heater sheath.   Dieter Northern lights Group

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 07-09-2013



Thanks Dieter, that seems to be the problem. I will order a new heater unit. I appreciate the great service. Deb Starchuk

Post By : Deborah Starchuk Dated On : 07-09-2013

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