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Jul 2014

Message: could you fix my balboa hp2000 circuit board that is in my hydropool hot tub ( circuit board 52420 hot tub model #575) If I mail it to you. or would it be less expensive to just replace the whole unit. I accidentally rewired my unit up after having to fix a line leak. Unfortunately I was one wire off on each of the four connector spots with only 3 wires to hook up I believe I blew the board. What extent do you think its gone...transformer?...

Dated on : 06-13-2013

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Balboa does not provide schematics about their circuit boards replacements to anyone.  They also do not supply parts for items used in their circuit boards, Thus it is not a matter of the cost to fix a circuit board, but a matter that it is no economically feasible, if you consider North American shop labor rates to even attempt to do so.  Your only choice if you are looking at the dollars is to simply replace the circuit board. Your next step would be to find out what Balboa circuit board you have and whether it is still in production.  The circuit board serial # is usually found on a white label stuck to the transformer. its a 5 digit number followed by a - and then a lengthy set of numbers. If you let me know this serial  number I can advise you whether to peruse obtaining the Balboa circuit board replacement  or whether it will be cheaper to buy a complete new a Balboa spa pack. Dieter Jung Northern Lights Group

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 06-13-2013

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