Balboa vs501 top side controller issueby Admin
Jun 2014

Message: I recently purchased a Balboa vs501 (fall of 2012) and have just completed the deck and hooked up the gear to energize my tub. It ran through the pr mode and heated to 94 degrees but I could not energize the jets, in facts the jets button didnt seem to work at all. Seems the nothern lights top side contoller I got with the Bablao vs501 dont seem to like each other. The light only turns on when you push the warm button, the jets turm on when i push the light botton and nothing happens when i push the jets button. When i pushed the cold button the temperature increased so i set it at 102 and the heater is running with the pump on low speed. I have no idea what the issue is. The top side is plugged into the correct port on the drawing but seems to not be recognized by theBalbao  vs501. Can you assist with any fix for this. The unit has only been fired up today for the first time and was stored inside my house until this weekend before installing. The tub is working but obviously not as intended. Thanks

Dated on : 05-05-2013

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What you have is the hot tub control panel with the alternate overlay.  The A7 dip switch on the circuit board needs to be set to ON (up).  All other dip switches should be off (assuming you have a single pump that is 2-speed.  Also ensure the white wires arerepositioned to a RED AC terminal for any receptacle that needs to produce 240 volts.  For example if your pump is a 230 v pump, then the W1 white wire next to J23 needs to have the other end repositioned from WHT AC to RED AC. Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 05-06-2013


got it. thanks

Post By : Rob Raycroft Dated On : 05-06-2013

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