Gas hot tub heater does not work in coldby Admin
Jan 2015

Message: Hi there, I have a Pentair DS100 gas hot tub heater and I find it does not produce much heat during the winter.  We live in Minneapolis.  A fiend told me that this type of gas hot tub heater is to only be used in the summer months and that is why it does not work very well?  I see that your sell these heaters with your wood hot tubs, have your had the same experience.  Do you have any suggestions to improve the performance of this gas heater?   Thanks GT

Dated on : 01-08-2014


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George, your friend is correct.  Gas hot tub or pool heaters do not work in below freezing conditions.  This is why you seldom see this option for hot tubs in the Northern regions.  As it gets colder out the efficiency and burning characteristics of the heater diminishes with temperatures.  We do sell gas heaters but restrict the sales of these to warmer climates or indoor installations.  The Pentair heater does have an indoor flue kit that is available for it.  This would be your best option.  Move the heater indoors or build a small heated enclosure around it and purchase the vent kit.  We also sell a hybrid heating system that uses both gas and electricity so when it is winter customers switch over to the electric heating option and reverse this for the summer. I hope this helps.   Dan  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-08-2014

   09:43 PM , 21 Jan 2014
I wish I had been told this when we bought our hot tub 5 years ago. We live in Chicago and bought a wood hot tub from your competitor and we have had lots of problems heating our hot tub in the winter.
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