Replacing my Balboa VS501 boardby Admin
Jan 2015

Message: The Balboa VS501 board replaced my old board 54585 and I have rewired the board from the factory default setting and have one more question about the extra wire lead from K1 to J46 which my old board did not have. should I leave this connected or can I remove? Also I set the dip switches as per the old board. Thank you for your time and efforts. I await your reply. Norbert Fuchs

Dated on : 10-14-2013


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The only wires you have to possibly adjust are the White ones, so your receptacle produce the right voltages.  Leave black wires alone.The other end of the black wire that is attached to J47 goes where now on your board?  To tell you how to set the DIP switches I have what all is being powered by the circuit board. Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-15-2013


Hi the black wires that are on the new board are from W3 to J46 and from K1 to W10. J47 does not have any black wire attached and is a four prong female terminal, according to the wiring diagram this is for the circ pump and J23 is the terminal for pump 1. W1,W4,W7  white wire go to Red AC J33,34, & 35. The Spa has dual pump system, with ozonator. The Dip switches on the on old board are all in off position. Thank you for your help. Norbert Fuchs

Post By : Norbert Fuchs Dated On : 10-16-2013


I am on a trip right now and don't have a board to check the black wires against  However as I said, the board as it comes from the factory does not need to have the black wires adjusted. Just the white wires and the dip switches  Your 2nd pump is it a 1 speed jet pump or a circulation pump? did you try running the spa yet? Dieter   

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 10-16-2013

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