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Feb 2014

Message: I have an Icon image spa 631 with two pumps plus a circ pump. All pumps are 240 volt single speed Which spa pack would replace everything. Balboa 2000LE ICON31 06/23/00 on the wiring diagram. sticker on circuit board Icon low end 65 s/n 52297 ***200007224173 

Dated on : 01-20-2013


Replies :

You could use a VS501Z, except in that case your existing panel wouldn't work, and if you also bought the panel that goes with that pack, it likely would be size wise a mismatch. VS520SZ would also work, except it is meant to use 2-speed jet pumps and again you would need to buy a matching panel. Thus your best option is to buy the Balboa  EL2000 M3 spa pack, which is an updated version of what you have.  Your existing panel would work. Dieter Technical Support

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 01-20-2013

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