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Nov 2014

Message: Hi, I have order a Balboa spa pump from your company (3 HP Balboa), the pump has arrived, I've mounted it and it's 'purring like a kitten', couldn't be happier. My question is in regards with the warranty (your website mentions 2 years warranty for the pumps). Is this warranty with you or with the Balboa manufacturer? Do your company (or Balboa) have a regional distributor in the Toronto area (I live in Waterloo, about 1 hour west of Toronto)? Thanks, Chris

Dated on : 11-20-2013

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The warranty is a manufacturer's warranty and is from date of manufacture.  Practically a pump will sit on the shelf for a period before it is sold and time since manufacture ticks by.  Thus our guaranteed warranty time is 2 years and past that it depends on the manufacture date, which is part of the Serial #. Balboa requires the warranty to be handled through the distributor that bought the pump from Balboa, which is us in your case.  In case of failure we are usually able to use the "label return program", avoid the cost of you shipping the heavy pump back to Balboa by courier.  We incur the cost of shipping the replacement pump and Balboa credits us what we pay for pump at wholesale price. Dieter Technical Support

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 11-20-2013


Thanks Dieter, sounds good. Do I have to register the pumps serial number with your company or you already have it? I have taken a picture of the pump's label before I've mounted it. I'll attach it to this response, hopefully it will work. Thanks,   Chris

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Post By : Chris Bains Dated On : 11-21-2013


You only need to keep a copy of the invoice around, proving the pump was bought from us,  in case you have to make a warranty claim in the future. Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 11-21-2013

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