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Jul 2014

Message: Before I purchase a new Balboa VS Spa Retro Fit Heater kit for my tub, I have a question. This is what I have currently.

1)  Ive got an older Pre 2000 Beachcomber 6-7 person tub with the 2 bottons on the top side of the tub.

2) The pump is a 3.0 HP - .38spi Executive High Perf 48 Waterway Mod# PF -30-2NZZC-4. Max  Flow rate 100GPM. 60 HZ

3) The old heater is a Power source 2400   Which Balboa Heating System do I need?  What spa Retro heat kit will best suit what I have with my current pump?   Thanks Greg

Dated on : 06-26-2013

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Greg you will need the Balboa VS501 Retrofit Kit is the heating system you will need  As you can see it is on sales this week.   Dan    

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-26-2013


Thanks Dan. Is the LCD better then the LED?

Post By : Greg Britten Dated On : 06-26-2013


Yes Greg the LCD is better than the LED because it is visible durring the day time, and has a back light at night.  The LED is red and almost impossilbe to see when there is any amount of sunlight.


Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-26-2013

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